Rule Statement
Grey boxes contain brief syntax / pseudo code for a rule.
Blue boxes contain a textual description of a rule.
   This box contains a subset of data that serves as input to test the shapes graph.
   Intentional error values are highlighted in red.
   Data not relevant to the discussion is omitted and shown as ...
   Stardog Mapping Syntax, used to import CSV files to the database.
   Contains an excerpt from an ontology that is relevant to the rule being described.
   Optional: not all rules rely on the project ontologies.
  Contains a representation of the shapes graph (in full or in part).
  Excerpts from the SHACL Validation Report (the Output Results graph.)
  SPARQL statements used to retrieve additional information based on values identified in the report or
  to validate values identified in the validation report.
  Results of a SPARQL query for tracing information from the Report back to additional information or to verify
   the SHACL constraint is catching all test cases.