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Web Protege

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Ontology Notes from Armando

The protocol file imports the study ontology. The instance file imports the protocol file. When ready to “publish” to SEND format it also imports the SEND ontology into a new file called: cj160500send.shapes.ttl

cj160500send.shapes.ttl has everything integrated and linked into one mega-graph, so that SHACL rules pertaining to data quality have a home by linking to resources under the study: namespace and SHACL rules pertaining to SEND conformance issues can be linked to resources under the send: namespace. For example, time interval is a universal concept with start date must be before end date is a universal, “data quality” type of issue, and sure enough the rules can be linked to the time:Interval class. On the other hand, the fact that a SEND domain like DM or TS must be present, this is a SEND specific conformance rule that can be linked to the send:SENDDomain_DM or send:SENDDomain_TS class.

send.ttl file is a bare bones ontology written by AO from scratch to support the prototype. In essence, it documents the requirements for what a robust SEND ontology should be able to support, at a minimum, to allow round-tripping and SHACL rules validation. It would be useful if other team members could look at this work and try replacing this rudimentary ontology with something more robust, capable of supporting all the domains not just DM/TS.